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Karen's Spicy Marinades are so versatile you can use it in all sorts of imaginative and delicious ways. Click on the buttons below to browse the many recipe options.


Thanks and credits are offered for the many suggestions and contributions I have received for this page.


Always mix the marinade well before each use.

Chicken Recipes

Karen's Spicy Chicken Mince Karen's Spicy Chicken and Mushroom Pie Karen's Spicy Chicken and Noodle Soup chicken 2

Fish and Seafood Recipes

Karen's Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Curry Karen's Spicy Chicken and Green Bean Curry

Vegetarian Recipes

Karen's Spicy Quorn Fillets Karen's Spicy Cauli Rice with Salmon and Prawns Karen's Spicy Mussels Karen's Spicy Salmon/Fish Fillet Prawn and Potato Frittata with Karen's Spicy Marinade


Karen's Spicy Rice Karen's Creamy Chicken Soup Jambalaya with Karen's Spicy Marinade Bulgar Wheat Salad with Karen's Spicy Chicken

Turkey Recipes

Karen's Spicy Turkey and Olive Ragu Karen's Spicy Chicken Kiev

Beef Recipes

Karen's Spicy Beef Goulash Karen's Low Fat Spicy Beef Curry Spicy Sweet Potato Wedges Spicy Cauliflower Steaks Karen's Spicy Chicken Fillets Tuna and Pasta Bake Spicy Dauphinoise Potatoes Spicy Dauphinoise Potatoes

Lamb Recipes

Karen's Spicy Lamb Curry Satay Sweet Potato & Spinach Curry Karen's Spicy Fried Chicken Creamy Beef and Mushroom Curry Spicy Garlic Bread and Dip Karen's Spicy Chicken Burger with Spicy Mayo